11th of January 2010

Upcoming Brum Gigs.


These New Puritans

-Hare & Hounds (Kings Heath)

-Feburary 2nd , 7:30 pm

-Tickets: £9 advance

These New Puritans stirred up a massive shit storm with fashionata’s Vice (www.viceland.com) with the release of their debut album ‘Beat Pyramid’ back in 2008. Vice described the band as ‘sharp, strange and enchanting…there aren’t many bands around like These New Puritans’.

The band hail from the underground ‘South End Scene’ which turned it’s back on the neon glow sticks and rave paint of the time (2007) and aimed to paint it’s own scene with a pallet of grey and black. Most notable artists to emmerge from this unique scene are The Horrors along with other contemporaries such as Neil’s Children and XX Teens.

These New Puritans play a unqiue, dark, disturbing and challenging blend of alternative and electro. This is definately NOT something you would dance to on the Snobs dancefloor with your mates. This band are as dark as the day is long, which leads to yet more darkness. To cut a long story short, this is dark stuff…

The band are bringing the darkness to the great Hare & Hounds venue in Kings Heath early Feburary in support of their follow up sophmore album ‘Hidden’. Said album is currently up on the band’s myspace to listen to in it’s entirety.


Dark stuff ……

1st of January 2010

Top Tracks of 09’

Well, it’s officially over. After all the post-Christmas leftover turkey sandwiches, family argument’s, shit TV and New Years celebrations last night, 2009 has finally come to an end. 

If you didnt have a good New Years Eve then it’s your own fault for having even a slither of hope that the night wouldn’t be a complete disappointment considering the sheer amount of pressure bestowed on you to have the greatest night of your life. Personally, I went in with nothing but the lowest expectations and ended up having a great night in the end- so maybe try my approach next year for the big ‘11’.

A lot of people seem to be making best of 2009 lists today so I thought I’d get involved and give you my personal top tracks/ ‘bangers’ of the year. 

1) Major Lazer: Pon De Floor (video above)

In terms of electro/ dance/ whatever, 2009 undoubtebly belonged to Diplo & Switch’s new project Major Lazer. Was incredible when the headline duo dropped this signature tune at the last Bigger Than Barry night I attended. Was an amazing sight to see the entire Warehouse going nuts to it. Major Lazer’s album ‘Guns don’t kill people, lazers do’ is the first physical CD I’ve bought from a shop with my hard earnt money in a long, long time. The genius of this track and the entire album makes me unable to place Major Lazeranywhere but the top of the list.

2) Tempa T: Next Hype


2009 is the year grime hijacked the charts. Who would have ever thought young London MC’s such as Tinchy, N Dubz and Chipmunk would be holding it down at number 1. Whilst many may argue these artists and grime in general has ‘sold out’ and compromised it’s sound for mainstream success, ‘Next Hype’ is pure grime in it’s purest form. This track is probably the angriest song you’ll ever hear, and that’s the reason it’s one of my favourites of the year. Showed it’s incredible crossover appeal when I played it at my friend’s indie/electro night ‘Dark Party’ (http://darkpartymusic.blogspot.com/) to the response of a sea of gun fingers and the entire dancefloor going absoloutely apeshit. Was amazing/ extremely unnerving to see how many neat, pretty indie girls knew every-single-word.

3: Sidney Samson: Riverside


I don’t have much to say about this track other than it’s an absolute house BANGER! Along with Pon De Floor, it’s definitely the best electronic release of the year. Guaranteed good vibes whenever you hear this in a club.

4) Mumford & Sons: Winter Winds


Mumford & Sons are without doubt the bearded, heart worn proudly on sleeve underdog story of 2009. Releasing their incredible debut album to both critical and commercial success, Mumford & Sons are this year’s big success story. This track is my personal favourite from the album. With songs as heart warming as these, the band deserve every bit of success and praise they get. 

5) The Horrors: Sea Within a Sea


The NME crowned Horror’s follow up album ‘Primary Colours’ the best of 2009, and rightly so. Following their first album and the initial hype storm had cleared, many dubbed The Horrors a novelty, flash in the pan band who would be gone in a matter of months, unable to go anywhere but down following their emergence into the stagnated indie scene back in 2007. I was one of those people, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. ‘Primary Colurs’ is an album I feel will be talked about for years to come. This track was the first release from the new album and teased the band’s new direction with the psychedelic video. I still get creeped out listening to this intro, in a good way of course…

Well there it is, I have greatly limited myself in allowing only 5 choice cuts from the absoloute banquet 2009 offered in terms of new music. Narrowly missing out on being included in the list were the likes of The XX, Florence & The Machine, White Lies, Man Like Me and Grizzly Bear to name but a few.

Feel free to write your own ‘Top 2009’ lists on the H.S.G Facebook group wall. I know full well known of you will, but it’s worth a shot anyway…

Phil (Editor)

3rd of December 2009

{ The Scholars } confirmed for ‘H.S.G Sessions’.

Birmingham and Oxford based The Scholars have been confirmed to play an exclusive live session for the upcoming H.S.G Podcasts.

The hottly tipped new-wavers will be playing a live session of their next single ‘This Heart’s Built To Break’ along with a stripped down acoustic session playing some of their other tracks.

The Scholars have a great progressive, shoe gaze sound similair to that of White Lies and The Bravery. Having appeared on BBC 6 Music and bagging Alex Zane’s ‘Track of the week’, The Scholars have built up a great deal of momentum heading into this exclusive H.S.G live sesion.

Check out upcoming single ‘This Heart’s Built To Break’ on their myspace:


Watch this space ….

18th of October 2009

After a long three days of work, making a start on my dissertation, work and yet more work today, I seriously can’t wait for the ‘At The Movies ’ themed Big Squeeze bar crawl tommorow night.

Hopefully will match Thursday’s incredible tomfoolery at my first ever ‘Vodbull’ with my first year apprentice Philly G and all his freshman budds. Such a great moment spinning some dude in a crocodile suit in the middle of the dancefloor on some random swivel chair as ‘Uptown Girl’ blasted out from the speakers. Was literally one of the funnest moments of my life.

Surely tommorow can only be ten times as fun when dressed in a tight as fuck Darth Vader one-PIECE suit ha…

11th of October 2009
( played 8 times )

Ok, so last week I treated myself to a PS3 and finally made the big step up to next gen.

This big decision came from finally having a regular wage packet coming in (from the very same GAME shop I bought it from with my sweet 25% staff discount) and the knowledge I’d be spending a lot more time in my bedroom in the third year compared to my previous two years spent gurning, barffing and generally being a wasteman.

Anyway moving on, the point of all that boring information is that I’ve fallen out of the indie loop massively. For some time I could no longer distinguish between what was ‘hot’ and what was ‘not’.

But all that has changed after finally checking out the amazing Phoenix (following the heads up from several friends). I can’t wait to check them out live later this week…

The song posted above, along with the rest of their album, was about the only thing that got me through the bus ride from hell earlier (rammed, Brummies arguing and a stink that made it smell like someone had VOMMED in a pet shop…)




8th of October 2009

” Classic Boss ”

God I love The Boss …

5th of October 2009

Personally, I thought last week’s batch of late night Hollyoaks episodes were awesome.

Where else on TV can you see lesbian, russian roulette DEATH JUMPS!?

Nowhere, that’s where…

The song above featured in the opening credits of the first episode and is a sweet chilled, layed back dub number from Mt. Eden.

If like me you thought ‘that’s awesome..’ when you saw it, then you can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zygemn2jzeh

This being said, a massive hypocritical part of me died inside at the sight of Hannah gurning her face off on pills and E-talking to Reese ha…

At least she didn’t sail off into the sunset with Joe 90 in his Ice Cream van, once again nothing ever goes poor old Hannah’s way damnit!

Five great examples demonstrating this are:

1) Her boyfriend turns out to be gay

2) She develops an eating disorder

3) Her mum tries to section her

4) Justin leaves her stranded in a graveyard

5) Ex boyfriend nearly kills her in a motorbike murder plot.

God really must hate her …

1st of October 2009

Revolutionary Road.

I’m so glad I’ve been reading so much again lately.

Revolutionary Road is such a great book, I’d recommend it to anyone who appreciates good literature. Admittedly it’s a pretty tough read throughout (coupled with the recent film I have yet to see, which Nathan tells me plays out like a 2 hour domestic), I don’t think I’ve read such a grim or sad ending to a book ever, it’s as tragic as any of Shakespeare’s work…

This book looks at a young married couple in post-war suburban America and tells the story of their fiery relationsip and disillusionment with their dreary lives whilst covering themes such as ‘the american dream’, love, family, relationships, betrayal and mental illness to name but a few.

If ever I needed more validation that relationships really are more hassle than they’re worth, this book is it. That’s my outlook on that area for the foreseeable future anyway.

I’ve also found a new favourite radio station whilst carrying out some uni work. It’s a tiny little alternative college radio station from Boston. I’ve loved every single song I’ve heard so far which is a very rare thing for me. Apart from the likes of Bon Iver and Grizzly Bear, I haven’t known a single artist or song- this is also good. I like having it in the background as the songs are very un-intrusive and I love the American accents from the ‘Daria’(remember her?) type awkward alternative student DJ’s.

You can stream it here: http://www.wzbc.org/

28th of September 2009
Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs. 
Patrick Swayze
25th of September 2009
( played 8 times )


DJ Cable vs. Tempa T & Rusko: Mr Muscle Hype (mashup)

Ok, so I thought I’d actually put up an mp3 file instead of being lazy and just another youtube video. This mashup comes from DJ Cable and combines one of the biggest grime tracks from last year courtesy of vocals from Tempa T coupled with the kind of filth you’ve come to expect from the mighty Rusko. This track hit me in the face like a sledgehammer from the start. There’s nothing I like better than this kind of dub with live MC’s over the top, so this track is pretty much a dream come true ha ….

Came across this dirty little gem last night when compiling new tracks to play at next week’s Naked Lunch Warehouse party, which is bound to be off the hook. Really looking forward to this one as I havent DJ’ed in Birmingham for months. The facebook event is: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=132513009010

See you there ?


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